The Environment

Discovery is dedicated to protecting the environment and vibrant quality of life in all of the communities where we do business. Colorado is an area of rich and exceptional beauty. Miles beneath the magnificent farmlands, mountains, streams and rivers lie some of the nation’s most significant oil and gas reservoirs. We understand the importance of safely transporting the abundant resources below while protecting the natural beauty above. Pipeline infrastructure is recognized as the safest mode of transportation to bring these commodities to market.

We are dedicated to maintaining clean water and clear air, robust agriculture, abundant wildlife and spacious public lands. These core values drive the way we design midstream solutions for our customers. We believe that environmentally sound practices and operations are compatible with meeting the nation’s energy requirements, and we are always looking for sustainable alternatives. We also strive to integrate reclamation programs and best practices in energy conservation and efficiency into all of our operations.

Health & Safety

Our first commitment is to public health and safety. We meet that commitment by maintaining best-practice standards in the safe and responsible construction and operation of our pipelines and facilities. Safe, healthy, and environmentally sound operations are fundamental to the way we do business. We are rigorous in our adherence to all local, state, and federal regulations.

Pipeline safety is regulated by the United States Department of Transportation and by designated state agencies. More than 200,000 miles of pipeline crisscross our country. Generally buried underground, they are the safest and most efficient way to move large amounts of natural gas, crude oil, and related products. These are the products we depend on every day to heat our homes, generate electricity and cook our food. Pipelines also reduce air and water pollution by eliminating the need for trucks and ships on our roads and waterways.

Discovery pipelines are marked by yellow above-ground signs to provide an indication of their presence, location, product, and the name and emergency contact information of our company is listed on every sign.